RI Fence Contractor Questions – Wood and Wire Fence Co. Inc. Rhode Island

These are Key RI fence contractor questions you should be asking every fence contractor!

What is the address of their company and do they have a display area?

Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. is located at 125 Higginson Avenue Lincoln, RI and has a display area, part of a 9-acre facility.

How long have they been in business?

Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. has been in business since April 14, 1989. That’s over 26 years of customer service.

Are they licensed and insured? Will they show you copies?

Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. is a licensed contractor and is fully insured for $5,000,000. Your salesman will provide you copies of the both (printed out or email) when asked.

Do they use subcontractors?

Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. does NOT use subcontractors. We feel that the quality can be controlled more effectively by using in-house employees whom know the Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. proper way to install your fence.

Are they open in the Winter, in case you have a problem?

Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. is open all year, especially in the Winter, when you run into your more common gate or fence problems due to inclement weather.

What type of equipment is needed for your job? Do they rent the equipment? If so, will they charge you for the rented equipment?

Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. has all of the equipment needed to complete your fence project. Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. does not charge anything additional for the installation process after you have reviewed your proposal.

How long is the warranty for the fence and can I get it in writing?

Yes, ask your sales rep to provide a copy after the installation of the fence is completed.

Some of our distributors offer 20 year to lifetime warranties on the materials. Wood and Wire Fence Co, Inc. warranties all fences for 3 years on labor and materials, whether the manufacturer offers a warranty or not.

Do they offer financing for the fencing project?

Wood & Wire Fence Co, Inc. offers financing at 0% interest for 12 months. No additional charge to you at all.

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